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Viola C., Texas

The customer service department was helpful in answering my questions and helping me move forward at the time.

Matineh K., Florida

I could print everything, and I could use the program on all kind of devices -- tablets, laptop, etc....

Bonnie B., Tennessee

It's easy to use and very comprehensive.

The course was extremely well developed and easy to navigate. Real Estate Express offers an effective learning program that helps you to not only learn what is needed, but retain the information for your exams. I highly recommend if you want to pass the first time!

Brittany J., Virginia

Joe F., Kansas

I passed my state exam on the first try. The course requires a minimum of 90% on the course final to complete the course. That is an excellent requirement and a direct contributor to passing the state exam on the first try.

Aaron C., Texas

I especially liked the bookmark feature that allows you to start at the exact place you left off.

John H., New York

I could take it at my own pace and flex the hours around my busy schedule. The units were well written and covered the curriculum in a format that was easy to understand. The chapter tests gave good feedback on how you were grasping the material. The New York state test was tough, but I felt well prepared and passed it first time.