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James G., Pennsylvania

I was looking to just get my real estate continuing education requirements out of the way as quickly as possible. McKissock courses sounded convenient. As it turns out they were the best courses I have ever taken.

Crystal H., Texas

Customer Service has always been fantastic

Mary D., Florida

It was easy to use and a representative was responsive to my questions.

The Exam Prep Master was an excellent choice as it helped me pass the state exam on the first attempt. I went through the 4-hour state exam within one hour and 45 minutes. The prep was very close in the type of questions that were in the licensing exam. I would recommend the Prep Master again.

Stephen C., Texas

Paul H., Florida

I liked that it was easy to access 24/7, on a computer, tablet or phone, and I liked the fact that the course supplements were in PDF format that could be saved on my computer and tablet for review later.

Mark Sullivan, North Carolina

I love that with the test after each chapter, if you get a question wrong, it tells where in the chapter to reference.

Ariana C., Tennessee

All of the customer service agents were helpful.